How we helped Wrangler launch a new brand in Target stores.

Hitting the goals from the start

What happens when the most trusted name in jeans teams up with America’s favorite retailer? High-quality, fashionable denim for the whole family, at a very approachable price point.That’s the idea behind Wrangler jeans, a new Wrangler brand available exclusively from Target. After working on a variety of brands within Wrangler for several years, the Wrangler team entrusted their launch to our agency.Here’s how we successfully introduced the Wrangler brand to a national audience and made it stand out in a crowded marketplace.


We had to establish the credibility of this new value-driven sub-brand without eroding the equity of the main Wrangler brand. Finally, we had to compete for attention – both within the busy aisles of Target’s retail stores, and across the larger social media landscape of the fashion industry


Target shoppers are savvy – they appreciate design, quality and the exclusivity of brand names at a value price. Wrangler jeans are for “value conscious” consumers who shop for their family based on the quality they trust, from brands they know.

We needed to paint a picture that showcased quality and brand first, “from the people who invented jeans.” From there we could tell a story that distinguished the Wrangler brand as a family-focused label that would deliver value, quality and style to their customers.


Our launch put Wrangler jeans in the perfect position to connect with American families, drive them to Target stores to purchase, and turn them into lifelong Wrangler fans.

The Wrangler launch campaign spanned over six months and included a few of the busiest times for American families: summer vacation, back-to-school season, and the holidays. This was the perfect opportunity to introduce Wrangler style with Target’s convenience and price point – at times just when busy moms need that most.

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